COVID-19 Acrylic shield TYPE 9

Modular bracket for 3-5mm thick acrylic

Type9 metal connector bracket

How to set-up

Type9 setup

For 6 pax table

Type9 table 6pax

For 8 pax table

Type9 table 8pax

There are 4 types of modular brackets.

Type9 Modular 1-way
Modular 1-way
Type9 Modular 2-way
Modular 2-way
Type9 Modular 3-way
Modular 3-way
Type9 Modular 4-way
Modular 4-way

We can customise the size of the acrylic shield as per your request.

We recommend the height to be within 90cm. (Ideal height 60cm)

For this modular metal fitting, the suitable acrylic thickness is 5mm.

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