On-line acrylic cutting

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We provide on-line acrylic cutting service.

Simply select any acrylic shown below.

You can order preferred cutting size and shape easily on-line.

Enjoy acrylic DIY!

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Clear acrylic

square rectangular
custom shape

Thickness available: 2/3/4/5/6/8/10mm   Go to shopping page!

We provide 2 kinds of finish. * ↓ Click the picts. ↓

Laser-cut finish

Laser-cut finish

Polished finish

polished finish

*Only Laser-cut finish is available for Custom shape.

*For precision, we recommend laser-cutting.

We provide round corner and drill holes.*

Round corner

Round corner

Drill holes

Drill holes

Round corner photo
Drill holes

*Only Laser-cut finish is available for Round corner and Drill holes.   Go to shopping page!

Scratch resistant acrylic

We supply acrylic for scratch abrasion resistant, antibacterial and anti-static.

MOQ applies.

Ask for detail to info@acrylic.com.sg

Translucent acrylic

Matt Clear
Matt Clear light
Thickness 3mm
Barley-Water White
Barley white light
Thickness 3/5mm
Light Box White
Lightbox White light
Thickness 2/3mm

Color acrylic (opaque)

White Gloss
White Matt 1side

Black Gloss
Black Matt 1side

Lemon Yellow
Orange Yellow



Dark Red

Sky Blue

All thickness is 3mm.

Color acrylic (tinted)

Tinted Yellow
Tinted Orange
Tinted Red

Tinted Blue
Tinted Dark Blue
Tinted Green

Glass-green acrylic
Tinted Black light
Tinted Black dark

All thickness is 3mm.

Luminous tinted acrylic

Luminous Green
Thickness 3mm

Mirror acrylic

Mirror acrylic
Thickness 2mm
Gold mirror acrylic
Thickness 2mm

General caution

1: Color of acrylic looks different under various environment.

2: Thickness of acrylic may vary to a tolerance of ±5%.

3: For laser-cutting, cutting size may vary to a tolerance of ±0.5mm.

4: For cut&polish, cutting size may vary to a tolerance of ±1mm. (For precision, we recommend laser-cutting.)

5: Our price is based on per pc. For example, if you like to cut 2pcs or 2 shapes, the price will be x2 even if total cm² is within the area size. If you like to cut many small pieces, pls email us the detail to info@acrylic.com.sg.

Acrylic sheet wholesale

Acrylic wholesale 1
Acrylic wholesale 2

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