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Acrylic photo frame "Engrave your message & name"

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Acrylic frame size - 300 x 300 mm

Recommended photo size - 6R (203 x 152 mm)

Material - 5mm + 3mm clear acrylic

Finish - Bevel cut & Diamond polish

Aluminium steel screw & Rod

Pattern design & wordings - Laser engraving



Acrylic surface is very sensitive against scratch.

When you clean, you must be very careful.

Please read the tips at the bottom of this page.

How to set up

Laser-engrave your message and names (Sample)

Gift for your parents

Photo frame gift for your parents

Precious memory 

Photo frame precious memory for couples

For your Mum&Dad

Photo frame for your Mom&Dad

For your anniversary

Photo frame for your anniversary

For your loved one 

Photo frame for your loved one

Memory for your family

Photo frame memory for your family

For wedding gift

acrylic photo frame wedding gift
Engrave your message and name

Bevel cut and Diamond polished finish

Bevel cut and Diamond polish
Diamond polish process

Diamond-polish is very beautiful clear finish for the acrylic edge.

The process is highly taken care with diamond blade polishing followed by manual buffing by our skilful polish-meister.

It's made in Singapore.

Tips - How to maintain acrylic

Acrylic can be damaged by harsh solvents and cleaners. Use a commercial plastic cleaner or mild soap and water to remove dirt and debris.

When applying cleaner, use a non-abrasive lint-free or microfiber cloth that won't scratch the surface. Too much pressure can actually result in more scratches. Do not use paper towels because they will not remove scratches and may even cause them. 

All solvents need to be wiped clean with fresh water and blotted dry to reduce and prevent water spotting.

When cleaning acrylic, never use thinner, ammonia, acetone, carbon tetrachloride, or gasoline as a cleaning solution. These kinds of solvents can cause cracks in acrylic and give the surface a frosted appearance.

Using the wrong cleaning product can completely damage your acrylic.

Where to store acrylic

Don't store acrylic in direct sunlight in hot conditions. This can cause the acrylic to expand and reform.

Reducing Static Electricity

Acrylic plastic is a natural conductor of electricity. The static electricity charge can attract dirt and debris from the air and cause buildup. To reduce and eliminate static electricity buildup, use an anti-static cleaner for plastics with a soft cloth. This should neutralize the acrylic sheet, and reduce the attraction of dirt.

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